Hashing out the terms and conditions of the contract

Employment contract negotiations favour job seekers: Hawryliw

Historically low jobless rates and an extremely mobile workforce make for an attractive market for skilled employees considering a career change, Barrie employment lawyer Scott Hawryliw tells AdvocateDaily.com.

Hawryliw, founder of SRH Litigation, says the current climate puts prospective employees in a stronger bargaining position when negotiating an employment contract.

“The big takeaway here is having the leverage to ask for — and get — really great terms in an employment agreement,” he says.

“The current job market is very pro skilled employees. Depending on the power balance in a supply and demand sense, when employers and employees negotiate, usually one has a better bargaining position, and may be able to use that leverage to negotiate terms that are more favourable,” says Hawryliw, who advises clients in such discussions.

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