fired without cause

Should I sue for wrongful dismissal?

Dave believes he was fired for disagreeing with his boss, and that he was shortchanged in his severance package. Could he receive a worthwhile sum of money by suing?


Q. When is a wrongful dismissal suit justified and worth the time and money required to get legal representation? I was an assembly line manager in a clothing factory and believe I was fired by my employer for personality issues—mainly for disagreeing with him regarding how assembly line workers should be scheduled in the plant and how safety issues were being dealt with. I received a paltry two weeks of severance pay per year worked (I worked there three years).

A. When is it worthwhile to hire a lawyer to seek greater severance package entitlements? That is a good question, Dave, and one that comes up all the time. There are really two answers to this.

First—and this is the less frequent of the two situations—if you are an employee who believes they have not been treated fairly, wants to prove their point or show their former employer that they will not stand for this and can afford to get into litigation where the goal is to prove a point, then you should hire a lawyer and prove your point. This isn’t the situation for most people, but it does come up from time to time.

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