Disputes about real estate

are far more common than most people think.

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Whether the property is a home, a cottage or a rental property, we can help.


Co-Ownership Disputes

We are frequently involved in disputes about co-ownership of a real property where one owner wants to sell their interest or wants to buy the interest of the other owner(s). This might involve a home, a cottage, a rental property or something else. In most cases, the dispute is between owners who are friends or family member that either inherited the property or purchased the property without a written agreement setting out the terms between them. However, we can also assist where the dispute is between business associates who have a written agreement setting out the terms between them.


Defects in Purchase or Sale

We also assist with disputes regarding defects in the context of the purchase or sale of a property. It’s safe to say that most of the inventory on the real estate market is not perfect. However, whether the imperfections in a property are appropriate for litigation isn’t always apparent. We can help buyers or sellers understand their options after the sale of a property with imperfections, whether they are attempting to recover damages or faced with a claim seeking damages from them.

From failing to close on a purchase to neighbour disputes about a fence. We provide Real Solutions to Real Estate problems.
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