Hawryliw brings business background to commercial litigation

Barrie commercial litigation and employment lawyer Scott Hawryliw wants to do law differently.

Hawryliw founded SRH Litigation in 2018 after a number of years practising with a renowned local firm, with the aim of changing the public perception of law firms as traditional, stuffy institutions.

“There is a certain experience that most people expect from a law firm,” he tells “But I’m trying to steer away from that by operating in a more modern way, and focusing on customer service and value.

“In addition to hourly rates, I also use fixed-fee and hybrid retainers as well as contingency agreements for certain types of files,” Hawryliw adds.

He also makes himself available to meet clients during evenings and weekends, according to their preferences, recognizing that it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be available for appointment times in the regular hours of 9-to-5…

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