guidelines in wrongful dismissal

Three essential guidelines in wrongful dismissal cases

Fired employees need legal advice to get the most out of a potential wrongful dismissal claim, Barrie employment lawyer Scott Hawryliw tells

Hawryliw, founder of SRH Litigation, says the aftermath of a termination can be a stressful time, but that former employees can benefit from a helping hand to guide them through the legal process.

“The most important thing you can do is to get some legal advice,” he says.

“It’s a complicated issue, and a lawyer can help you navigate it,” adds Hawryliw, who has put together this list of three essential issues people need to know about wrongful dismissal.

1. Not every dismissal is wrongful

“Just the fact you’ve been terminated doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrongful,” he says, adding that it’s a common misconception among non-unionized employees that employers need to have a reason to fire an employee.

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